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Month: January 2011

Re: [trinity-users] Squeeze/Trinity Live CD

From: David Hare <davidahare@...>
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2011 17:21:12 +0000
> The bad is when I logout things go black and I have to press and hold the
> power button to shutdown or reboot, nothing else will work, using SMXI to
> install the nvidia driver did not help.

The live CD has a stock Squeeze kernel and nothing is modified in core
system areas. Some packages might be missing though.
Some machines might need firmware-linux-nonfree.

This sounds like a "nouveau" issue (some info on smxi forums). Try
adding "nomodeset 3" on grub kernel boot options line. It will boot
without X, then you can run sgfxi for nvidia.

> I had to add "gksu synaptic" to the menu to get synaptic to start, just
> using "run as a different user" did not work.

The kmenu was rearranged for this live build.. Root apps (including
synaptic) are in system> root application.
There are some kdesudo-trinity related issues (and fixes), see other threads.

I included a (optional) post-install script to remove kdesudo
altogether and automatically fix the menu to use kdesu

> Using the su filemanager to edit a config file is a pain because I have to
> keep telling it what app to use and clicking the box to save the settings is
> not working.

kdesu/kdesudo kwrite. Has own filebrowser dialogue

> Also, not a big problem, using wallpaper.svg is not displaying proper, the
> image is all black, possibly can be fixed by adding a svg package, I don't
> know for sure.
There is a limit to what can be squashed to 700MB! (e.g. a full
Trinity install) . Please note also aptitude is missing, add yourself
if wanted (I use only apt-get)

> I know all most of this stuff is inherited from Trinity and not your fault,
> but I just can't use this system the way it is, maybe you can play with it
> and get some of the stuff fixed, if you need some info from me or want me to
> test some stuff just let me know.
> I mentioned adding to the repos, you may want
> to add to the list too.

debian-multimedia breaks stuff (vlc....) and has legal issues.. please
add yourself if you need it goes in later when Squeeze is stable