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Month: October 2012

Trinity's release model

From: "Janek S." <fremenzone@...>
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2012 19:08:14 +0200
After upgrading to and getting a bunch of new bugs introduced I started thinking it might 
be a good idea to release new packages continously as changes are made to the code, instead of 
doing a big release once every few months. I realize there are some major changes going on in the 
code and they cannot be released partially. Still I think that thanks to git's branching and 
merging capabilities it should be possible to merge some smaller changes and bugfixes into master 
and release them as update. Woludn't that be an easier way to track new bugs introduced to the 
code? Instead of getting a whole load of bug reports after a major release, bugs would be 
reported as they appear and would be easier to track down to conrete packages and changes made in 
the code.