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Month: January 2011

Re: [trinity-users] Squeeze/Trinity Live CD

From: Jimmy Johnson <JimmyJhn@...>
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2011 11:55:38 -0800
David Hare wrote:
>> The bad is when I logout things go black and I have to press and hold the
>> power button to shutdown or reboot, nothing else will work, using SMXI to
>> install the nvidia driver did not help.
> The live CD has a stock Squeeze kernel and nothing is modified in core
> system areas. Some packages might be missing though.
> Some machines might need firmware-linux-nonfree.
> This sounds like a "nouveau" issue (some info on smxi forums). Try
> adding "nomodeset 3" on grub kernel boot options line. It will boot
> without X, then you can run sgfxi for nvidia.

See above where I said I had already installed the nvidia driver and it 
did not help!

>> I had to add "gksu synaptic" to the menu to get synaptic to start, just
>> using "run as a different user" did not work.
> The kmenu was rearranged for this live build.. Root apps (including
> synaptic) are in system> root application.
> There are some kdesudo-trinity related issues (and fixes), see other threads.
> I included a (optional) post-install script to remove kdesudo
> altogether and automatically fix the menu to use kdesu
>> Using the su filemanager to edit a config file is a pain because I have to
>> keep telling it what app to use and clicking the box to save the settings is
>> not working.
> kdesu/kdesudo kwrite. Has own filebrowser dialogue
>> Also, not a big problem, using wallpaper.svg is not displaying proper, the
>> image is all black, possibly can be fixed by adding a svg package, I don't
>> know for sure.
> There is a limit to what can be squashed to 700MB! (e.g. a full
> Trinity install) . Please note also aptitude is missing, add yourself
> if wanted (I use only apt-get)

That stuff is part of a working desktop system, they are not optional 
and I don't see any of those problems my Debian installs!

>> I know all most of this stuff is inherited from Trinity and not your fault,
>> but I just can't use this system the way it is, maybe you can play with it
>> and get some of the stuff fixed, if you need some info from me or want me to
>> test some stuff just let me know.
>> I mentioned adding to the repos, you may want
>> to add to the list too.
> debian-multimedia breaks stuff (vlc....) and has legal issues.. please
> add yourself if you need it
> goes in later when Squeeze is stable

Other distros add debian-multimedia they just leave it remarked out.  As 
far as it breaking Squeeze, this is the first I've heard, if you have 
some bugs it would help to report them!

Security.debian is working now, volatile is what is not working the last 
time I checked!

I'm not here to have a pissing contest with you, have fun with your cd, 
I won't be testing it any more!


Jimmy Johnson

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