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Month: October 2012

Changing bugzilla behaviour

From: "Janek S." <fremenzone@...>
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2012 12:32:44 +0200
Each time I enter Trinity's bugzilla it takes a lot of time to load the front page because all 
unresolved bugs are displayed. When I log in I am once again redirected to the same page, which 
causes it to be reloaded. It's a bit of annoying because it actually takes quite a lot of time to 
display all the bugs and I imagine it also puts unnecessary load on the server. My usual use-case 
is: log in to bugzilla and then report a new bug or view list of my bugs. This means that these 
two huge queries to bugzilla could be safely ommited. Can this behaviuor be changed?