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Month: October 2012

Need to fallback to Package archives?

From: Ran Talbott <embed_bucket@...>
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2012 10:27:22 -0700
I did a successful install of 3.5.13 on one of my Ubuntu Lucid systems back in 
August.  I had a problem with the X system not autodetecting my monitor 
properly, but circumvented that by forcing it to the right configuration with 
a manually-reated xorg.conf.

Yesterday, I made the mistake of doing an "apt-get upgrade" on that system 
that upgraded trinity to what appears to be

Now that system is de-GUIed: if I start KDM, the X server refuses to start. 
There are no errors in the log: it just gives up. This looks similar to the 
problem I had back in August, but may be different.

I tried installing XDM. That fixes the X server startup, but the system fails 
to create the desktop: I get no taskbar, and the system continuously spawns 
konqueror instances that immediately crash.

The packages I installed 2 months ago have disappeared from the repository. 
The links to the install CDs are broken. A google search for the package 
filenames returns no results.

Is there an archive or mirror someplace that hasn't been purged? Or am I just 
totally screwed?