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Month: January 2011

List of bugs/requests

From: Luciano ES <luc-kub35@...>
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2011 18:37:43 -0200
I've been thinking about submitting a few bug reports and feature requests. I am posting the list here, in case someone would like to comment...

1) Kinfocenter launches empty. None of the components is available. I found a workaround: right-click the KDE task bar and add the "Settings" applet. All the functions are there.

2) I request installation of kdepim-kde3 and Adept Manager tells me it is going to BREAK something. Should I proceed? Is that safe?

3) My old configuration of Yakuake is no longer usable because many keyboard shortcuts don't work anymore. For example, Shift+Ctrl+c, Shift+Ctrl+v, Ctrl+/, Alt+c/Alt+s inside Vim etc.
(Hmm... the Vim shortcuts don't work on Konsole either. I will have to investigate that further.)

4) KDE 3 has had a bug with key shortcuts for years: in the config  app, Regional & Accessibility, Keyboard Shortcuts, we can change some of the global shortcuts. I like this: copy with Ctrl+c and Ctrl+Ins, paste with Ctrl+v and Shift+Ins, Undo with Ctrl+z and Redo with Ctrl+y. The problem is Ctrl+Ins, Shift+Ins, and Ctrl+y do not work everywhere. In Kmail, for example, Ctrl+y does not work. Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v did not use to work, they do now. But Ctrl+Ins and Shift+Ins still don't work in a few places, especially small dialogues.

5) This has bothered me for ages: in Konqueror, I REALLY, REALLY wish I could highlight files, COPY them (say, Ctrl+c) and PASTE them into another Konqueror window or panel (Ctrl+v perhaps?). I used to do that a lot in Windows Explorer. I migrated to Linux in 2006 and I still miss that feature...

6) I also love how I can press Ctrl+(NumPad +) to "adjust" the width of all file manager columns. Try doing that in a Windows machine. It's great! Can we have that in Konqueror too? Pleeeease?...

7) I may be the only one in the world who has or notices this problem:
I use a netbook that I can carry around, but I use an external keyboard when I'm at home. The netbook has a US International keyboard, the keyboard at home is Brazilian, ABNT2. Whenever I plug/unplug the keyboard and switch layouts, I lose my Repeat Delay/Rate configuration, so the keyboard feels a little bit slow. So I have to open Kcontrol, readjust the delay and click OK. The number never seems to have changed, but the keyboard definitely feels different. Redoing the config fixes it, but it's annoying. I also have to do that ritual every time I boot/reboot/log out. I wish KDE would keep those settings.

Luciano ES