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Month: November 2012

Re: [trinity-users] A functional TDE distribution...

From: Patrick Serru <patrick@...>
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2012 13:19:10 -0500
Le jeudi 15 novembre 2012, Francois Andriot a écrit :
> Le 15/11/2012 12:54, Patrick Serru a écrit :
>> The last distribution tryed (just now) was Fedora-17 (07/2012), a live
>> TDE CD that is doing the best by far. But here, at the time of
>> installation: 
>> - Unable to change (select any other) disk to install the boot loader
>> - Can not format in an other format than ext4 (no ReiserFS).
>> - Alert at end of installation: "Can not install the boot loader".
>> The cd that I used to boot one of my systems using GRUB1 do not know
>> Ext4. Consequently to boot Fedora is IMPOSSIBLE!
> Hello,
> It's true that the Fedora installer embedded with the LiveCD is 
> minimalistic.
> Currently it cannot install on reiserfs, but I guess it's only because 
> the reiserfs-utils are not embedded in the LiveCD. I will have a look at 
> this.
> Alternatively you can install Fedora 17 with the official Fedora DVD, 
> hoping it supports reiserfs, then install TDE from the internet
> repository.
>> Finally, I feel very overtaken by my readings in this list for the USERS,
>> which speaks so much of INSTALLATION SCRIPTS. And if I well understand, a
>> lot of things changed in Linux: XWindow, SytV init, Grub, give up of
>> reiserfs for Ext4, KDE4&  Gnome3, sound system, etc, etc…
>> My question is: OpenSuse is now made so low that I MUST DROP this
>> distribution.
>> Direct me to what?
>> Thank you very much for your work and help.
> If you really want to stick with openSuse 11.4 and TDE, I can build TDE 
>  …
> It should not be complicated since I already built for 12.2 .
> Francois
Hi all, hello François

       I must admit that it is not easy to have to re-learn everything. I do 
not know Debian :-/ . I want towards Debian or Fedora. Oss 10 + Yast was so 

       There are some questions I ask in this list: how to take a screen 
resolution higher IN CONSOLE MODE? My screen seems about 40 lines of 80 
columns at startup instead of the usual ~ 150 columns (kernel parameters at 
boot: vga = 0x31A)!

       Graphics mode was achieved by "startx" and not "init 5" ... How do I 
log in graphic mode (TDM?). While Trinity was started, back on a console 
(Ctrl + Alt + F3, for example), the keyboard is not "listening" except Ctrl 
+ Alt + Del. Fortunately, because my screen did not like the frequencies 
used by XOrg in 1280x1024: black-out! (-: See, Calvin). I guess I have to 
visit XOrg to find out how to do this ...

I can not ask all my questions about Debian on this list. It does not lack, 

       Read you soon!