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Month: December 2012

OT: Re: More KDevelop woes

From: "John A. Sullivan III" <jsullivan@...>
Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2012 13:10:18 -0500
On Tue, 2012-12-04 at 14:28 +0000,
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> > From: Calvin Morrison <mutantturkey@...>
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> > Subject: Re: [trinity-users] Re: More KDevelop woes
> > Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2012 17:20:45 -0500
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> > is your debugging setup properly? With gcc you need to specify to
> > include debugging symbols and such. It's possible that autoconf
> > isn't setting the debug flag
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> > On 3 December 2012 16:57, John A. Sullivan III
> > <jsullivan@...> wrote:
> >         On Fri, 2012-11-30 at 13:54 -0500, John A. Sullivan III
> >         wrote:
> >         > Hello, all.  I'm still doing occasional battle with
> >         maintaining old Qt3
> >         > applications using KDevelop in Trinity on
> >         Squeeze.  When I
> >         > start KDevelop, I am asked to select a TQt3 directory
> >         which must have an
> >         > include directory containing tqt.h.  On my system, tqt.h
> >         is
> >         > in /usr/include/tqt.  However, the dialog does not like
> >         that path or any
> >         > parent along that path.  What should this entry be?
> >         >
> >         > This may be related to another problem.  I am having
> >         problems running
> >         > the debugger in this qmake application.  It often fails to
> >         find and
> >         > evaluate variables.  Thanks - John
> >         
> >         
> >         The debugging problem does not appear to be related.  I am
> >         having the
> >         same problem in ddd.  Weird - when I used autoconf/automake,
> >         I had no
> >         problem seeing file scope variables in the debugger.  Now
> >         that I've
> >         moved to qmake, I can see function scope variables but not
> >         file scope
> >         even with 'filename.cpp'::variablename.
Thanks, Calvin. I wasn't going to pursue it on the list since it is OT
but I am quite stuck.  autoconf was working fine but the move to qmake
seems to have hosed debugging but only for some variables - ones defined
within the method are visible but not ones defined as global to the

I assumed it must be something with the object files but I've tried all
kinds of variations of:
-g -gstabs -gdwarf-2 -ggdb -ggdb3 -g3 -O0

I thought it might be the linker so I also tried -rdynamic

My build options for the subproject src are indeed debug (and this does
seem to automatically add the -g and -O0 but also adds a -DQT_NO_DEBUG -
which I have manually removed - no luck there either and the one
particular variable I was trying to see was simply an int).

I then went so far as to dig out an old autoconf Makefile from version
control backup and copy in the CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS to replace the ones
in the qmake generated Makefile and rebuilt.  No luck there either.  I
get the same problems in ddd even when telling it where to find the
object files.

I thought it might be because the paths are different now - the binary
is in ../bin/spm instead of /usr/local/SPM/bin/spm and the build files
are in ../build instead of ../debug/src so I put everything back the old
way where the build files are in the src directory as well as the target
binary.  That didn't work either.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated as I am a programming ignoramus
and just taking my best guess at how to fix this.  At this point, I am
out of cards to play :(  Thanks - John
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