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Month: December 2012

TDE on Arch - kicker config window empty and no Shutdown option.

From: John Watson <bcch@...>
Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2012 23:55:53 +0000
Hello all. This is my first post on the list. Can I start by saying I
have only just heard of TDE and I am very happy. For me this DE is one
the best today. But one or two issues are stopping me from switching to
it permanently.

My first problem is this:

When I right-click on kicker panel and select Configure Panel, in the
new window that opens I only see options for configuring Taskbar (in the
left column). Nothing for Appearance or kicker position on the screen.
Can anyone help?

My second problem is:

I do not see any option in the menu for Shutdown, Suspend or Hibernate.
I only see Logout. I have enabled the options in kcontrol.

Sorry if this post lacks detail but I am sending it from Cinnamon
Desktop, so I can't be more detailed.

Thanks to all those involved in developing this DE!