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Month: January 2011

Re: [trinity-users] Kmenu Reasoning Explained part 100,482

From: "David C. Rankin" <drankinatty@...>
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2011 13:48:49 -0600
On 01/24/2011 08:01 AM, Katheryne Draven wrote:
> With regard to "mytools", it smacks too much as a homage to MS, with
> its "My this" and "My that", but in the end its not my decision. Its
> clearly something Trinity as a whole must make. I do urge against the
> use of MS terminology. I understand the belief that if its familiar,
> it will make the use more comfortable. That, however, has not been my
> eXPerience :). Users who leave windows for Linux cringe when they see
> references to it. They're finally free of their master, why would they
> wish to build a shrine to it? The use of MS terms, also reinforces the
> belief that Linux is just a second rate Windos wannabe.
> OH BLAST! Where did this soapbox come from??!!
> Kate

Thanks Kate.

	I wasn't suggesting 'mytools' as a name. I hate it actually. If you look at
either screenshot you will see a 'dcrtools' which is what I used as my
favorites, but for some reason, editing my gnome menu caused all my menu entries
in 'dcrtools' (as well as the other main menu subfolders to disappear). So until
I had a chance to figure out where the bug was, I just created a quick mytools
as a work-around)

	I agree, the top menu should be decided and then go from there. (the foundation
is the most important part of any building...) Here are a few thoughts for

Kmenu Top Level DIRECTORIES (about 12):
Desktop Publishing (Contains everything related to published documents of all kinds)

    I have always viewed DTP is a subset of 'office'. Why? Not from a MS office
approach, but from an 'office' approach of where you go to create 'work product'
or document creation for lack of better words. DTP, to me, is just a specialized
branch of object based page layout oriented word processing. When I think about
top level entries for this type thing, I think:

 quick list of 3-5 most used apps
   gnucash, etc
 desktop publishing
   scribus, etc..
 crossover office
   word, excel, etc.
   kword, etc..

	The top level could just as easily be called 'Document' or the like. Something
that implies "here is where you go to get real work done." I see it as
encompassing the apps that take care of business (professional or personal) needs.

	Alternately, DTP goes fine as a subfolder of Graphics.


 I have always liked this one.

Edutainment & Health

 I like it. SuSE's breakdown of the Edutainment (old Education) top level is as

   Chemical (I prefer Chemistry)
   Construction (I don't like this one. All drawing apps like qcad, inkscape,
etc.. should either go under Graphics/vector or Graphics/illustration or

  ** Genealogy apps need a home somewhere as well


    I think this goes as System/Emulators. Just my .02, but I don't see the need
for a toplevel for Vbox, wine, etc.


    It's a keeper.

Graphics (symlinked)

    I think graphics stands alone. It hold the collection of 3rd party tools and
all the great KDE3 graphic utilities. I think that it can hold the major
graphics apps directly and can be further subdivided with logical subfolders
that relate to the type of tools they contain like:

 quick list of 3-5 most used apps
   Bitmap Graphics
   Gfx Utilites (or KDE Graphics or KDE Utilities)
     kruler, etc..
   Icon Tools
   Vector Drawing

Lost & Found
Multimedia (both audio and video)

  I don't do enough of this to really comment, but I like divisions that give you:

 quick list of 3-5 most used apps (i.e. k3b, audacity, etc..)

Network (I think Network is a subfolder of Settings, and the Toplevel should be
'Internet' or 'Inet')


    I have never liked a toplevel called settings because it is confusing to
users. Think about it. You (from a tech savy standpoint) know that you have
'Desktop Settings' and 'System (or hardware) Settings', but the average user can
really make that distinction. I have always thought 'Settings' belonged in
'System' (i.e. System/Settings), but then the question becomes what goes in
their as opposed to say under 'System/Network'. But for purposes of hammering
out at toplevel, I suggest that 'Settings' be moved as a sub of System. There
has always been great debate about what goes under 'System' to begin with. I see
having a toplevel of both Settings and System as further muddying the water.


    This is where I think we break down the parts of the computer. Display,
Network, Sound, etc.. I think it is also a fine place to have 'KDE Desktop
Settings' or just 'KDE Desktop'. There has always been inherent confusion
between the words 'Desktop' and 'Display' from the user perspective. I think we
get around that by qualifying the two well enough that it is immediately
apparent which is which. Something like:

    KDE Desktop Settings
    Video Card Settings (or Graphics Hardware Settings)

User-Apps (This is a special directory that initially remains empty. Users can
place their fav apps and link other menu subdir into this one. Some distros I
proposed this to are now calling it a “favourite” directory.)

    I think either one is fine. KDE3 has always provided the most efficient
(quickest) access to launch your apps hands down. This 'quick' or 'crispness' in
access is an asset of the desktop that I think needs to be kept in mind and
furthered in trinity development. Whether you call it User-Apps, Favourites or
Quick-List, I think it is a good idea to provide a toplevel for it. I also think
it is a good idea to go ahead an populate it with the most frequently used apps
and provide a little pop-up or ballon help that explains it has a default set of
apps that the user is free to add to, remove or change.

    One other trick or area where KDE3 provides excellent access to apps is by
re-assigning the left-mouse-on-desktop to provide a quick menu to your
applications. You can do it with either the left, right of middle buttons. I
just chose left because I used to the rt-button context menu. Here is a shot for
what it is worth:


    Lastly, the 'quicklaunch' app is also a fantastic addition to the kicker
panel. (see my earlier screenshots) If a default set of apps is put in
'User-Apps' or 'Favourites', then I would also propose providing 'quicklaunch'
populated with the same set to expose the user to the functionality and let them
choose which they like best.

    KDE3 has always had the most efficient desktop interface by far. There has
been a great deal of thought put into accomplishing computing tasks with the
absolute minimum number of keystrokes or mouse clicks required. Thinking though
a logical layout of kmenu is just another opportunity to really set trinity
apart from anything else out there. Great work Kate.

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