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Month: December 2012

[trinity-users] Fedora 17 or TDE bug repport 2++

From: Patrick Serru <patrick@...>
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2012 09:47:19 -0500
      Hi All,

      I'm french (nobody's perfect), living in Peru and using usually a 
Spanish keyboard, with a french "writing" system. For historical reasons, 
the marking of my keyboard is U.S., and this is a chance in the case of 
this bug, because, at the time of the "login" (with Gnome, see previous 
post), the system interprets the keyboard as U.S.!

      Network configuration does not work. I tried
kcmshell [kdeinit] kcm_knetworkconfmodule
in a super-user console, but after validation, a dialog asking to wait 
opened, and the situation was infinitly fixed. Now, I have no network. 
Hence the question: how does one configure the network from Trinity, a 
console and / or from Gnome with Fedora? Note that I did not re-boot after 
this problem, so, I dont know if the network configuration is definitively 

      More general problems:
      At the time selinux was still anabled on the targeted system, I tryed 
some "sudo" commands, and it did not work because "user is not sudoers". 
How a user that comes from WindOverDose or did never study the use of 
selinux can react to this message?
I guess each of you, dear ADVANCED users, had been confronted to a ALMOST 
functional system, at the "boot" of a 2.6.33.x kernel (ie). Investigating, 
you discovered that it was because the kernel can not insert modules of a 
system 2.6.26.x (ie)... I feel that this is the case Grub2! I guess Grub2 
loads a kernel (the one of his host system probably) then made ​​his small 
business to finally boot which corresponds to the user's selection. Booting 
without removing the old kernel. I suppose that because Grub2 only starts 
the host system it is installed in! It is then ridiculous, when installing 
a distribution, to scan all disks and all partitions, for offering to start 
(linux) systems that they contain! Imagine the frustration of a user who 
can not re-boot the system he use everyday! Luckily, I boot my everyday Oss 
11.1 system from a CD.
There is a more general congruency Linux problem: why the shell does not 
interpret "media:/whatever/whatever"?
More generaly, I have some doubts: is there a developer that use the systems 
on which he works for everyday?

      Please, note that until here, (I think that) the testing on a virtual 
system does not help developpers to see these problems...

      I have not managed to transfer all my mails from KMail 3.5.10 release 
21.13.1 to TDE 3.5.13. Could someone help, please?

      Did I dream ??? Konqueror being open on "a hard disk / partition", 
that is to say, URL display beginning with "media:", the hidden 
directory ".Mail" was not reflected in the list while the directories 
named ".m*" (as ".mozilla", for example), appeared! This was not the case 
for a Konqueror window with URL displaying "/home/user", for example.

      There were true questions in this post:
- how does one configure the network from Trinity, a console and / or from 
Gnome with Fedora?
- Is there someone that could help me transfering mails from  KMail 3.5.10 
release 21.13.1 to KMail TDE 3.5.13?

      Thank you. Cheers,