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Month: December 2012

Re: [trinity-users] Fedora 17 or TDE bug repport 2++

From: Patrick Serru <patrick@...>
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2012 18:51:15 -0500
Le vendredi 14 décembre 2012, Timothy Pearson a écrit :
>> Le 14/12/2012 15:47, Patrick Serru a écrit :
>>>        Hi All,
>>>        ...
>>>        Network configuration does not work. I tried
>>> kcmshell [kdeinit] kcm_knetworkconfmodule
>>> in a super-user console, but after validation, a dialog asking to wait
>>> opened, and the situation was infinitly fixed. Now, I have no network.
>>> Hence the question: how does one configure the network from Trinity, a
>>> console and / or from Gnome with Fedora? Note that I did not re-boot
>>> after this problem, so, I dont know if the network configuration is
>>> definitively lost.
>> Hello,
>> newer distributions such as Fedora use NetworkManager 9.x , which is not
>> supported yet by TDE.
>> You must use tools outside TDE to configure network. I personnaly use
>> "nm-applet" from Gnome,it integrates well in TDE.
>> There is also the "system-config-network" utility, from the command line.
> <snip>
> I should add that R14 has full support for NetworkManager 9.x+; only
> 3.5.13.x and below lack the requisite libraries.  We need to look into how
> to get R14 out the door soon (i.e. which critical bugs remain?) before
> more users start having bad experiences such as this.
> Tim
      Hi All,

      The bug that I described was a "smart" bug, because the windows closed 
well. As I said, I have not restarted. Today I did, and once restarted, the 
setting has been taken into account and the network was functional. If it 
can help...

      Thank François and Tim. Cheers,