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Month: December 2012

Fedora17 + Trinity usage repport

From: Patrick Serru <patrick@...>
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2012 10:11:25 -0500
      Hi all,

      The display is very "unstable", and I have, from time to time to 
reconfigure the display at 1280x1024. I guess the problem comes from XOrg. 
Sometimes there are one or two small windows indicating changes in 
definitions, but it is incomprehensible, at least because they overlap (!).

      Problems related to the BIOS and memory usage, if I understood 
correctly, previously caused the message "Press Ctrl + D to continue" in 
console during the system start. If I remenber correctly, the kernel (?) 
said that there was some cheksumm error or so, in the block of memory. I 
just had now, after a soft restart, to press the hardware "Reset" button 
(cold reset) to get out of an endless "memory dump", in the console... 
The "Instability" on the definition of the display may come from there, 
too, because the hot reset does not give the same results as the cold 
reset. I am ready to believe that Grub2 is (again) involved.

      I looked phosphorus savers unnecessary for LCD screens, but fun to 
watch, a little. I noted that they speak of KDE in "Banner", the default 
saver, and "Fireworks" (if I'm not mistaken). After selecting Atlantis 
(Open GL), I had to press the "Reset" button on my machine to get out of 
the situation. Is it a lack of patience? Too bad "Ctrl + Alt + Backspace" 
has been removed for safety reasons, and that any other possibility to kill 
X no longer available without disconnecting the computer.

      A look at SysGard: I did not find the CPU temperature sensor...

      Regarding the language used, the applications of "current" user are in 
english. Only "Root" applications are in French. I wanted to try to run:
  yum install trinity-i18n-French
as simple user, but of course I did not have the rights, while 
SELinux is still "disabled".

      Surprised to see a different graphic "style" in a window, I 
investigated and found that it was a Nautilus window. I did not know 
Nautilus: it is the "Finder" of Gnome! I do not remember how this window 
had been opened.

      There is an icon in the closing Trinity window. This icon is KDE's.

      There's about a second between the graphical opening of a dialogue and 
the associated KDE sound!

      What should I do for the "Via8237" (in my case) to be selected instead 
of "Pulse Audio", in kmix?