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Month: January 2013

Re: [trinity-users] Icon themes for TDE

From: Lisi Reisz <lisi.reisz@...>
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2013 23:39:04 +0000
On Thursday 03 January 2013 22:16:15 JB wrote:
> I truly miss the icons and themes of the old KDE's. They were crisp and
> clean and not "muddied" as another poster said many of the new ones are
> (which I agree with).


>   And I've been saying that other thing for years on other forums with
> other things (the pwc drivers for Philips webcam's is just one that comes
> to mind) seems though that folks becoming devs nowadays have never
> heard such sayings and oftentimes seem to not care.

As soon as I hear the word "dated" I start to squirm!

Did you hear about the London Millennium bridge?  They call it the wobbly 
bridge.  (I just put "the wobbly bridge" into Google.  I was offered ten 
pages of hits!)

It was designed by an architect (I ask you!  Have they not heard of 
engineers??).  He designed it to be new and exciting and *modern*.  He 
deliberately designed it in a way that no bridge had ever been designed 

He found out why no bridge had ever been designed that way before, as soon as 
they opened it.  It is a pedestrian bridge.  As the first batch of people (a 
large batch, mind you) crossed it, it started to sway.  Not an imperceptible 
amount.  A pronounced sway, like a child's crib.  They had to close it and 
put in struts.  It is now functional, but not beautiful.

Hopefully, next time London needs a bridge they will employ an engineer!