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Month: January 2011

Re: [trinity-users] Kmenu Reasoning Explained part 100,482

From: Felix Miata <mrmazda@...>
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2011 17:16:51 -0500
On 2011/01/24 15:49 (GMT-0600) David C. Rankin composed:

> On 01/24/2011 03:15 PM, Felix Miata wrote:

>>>  Office

>>>      The top level could just as easily be called 'Document'

>>  Between the two I think the latter plus an "s" makes more sense. Maybe expand to
>>  "Documents and Publishing". Home users need documents, but not necessarily office.

> I'm searching, unsuccessfully, for a verb that works here or something more
> descriptive. Office, Document or Documents are nouns and don't seem to impart
> the "create this here" paradigm I'm looking for. I think a word that conveys
> this toplevel holds "The core applications you use everyday" would be best.

Try a librarian hat and think about cataloging, file drawers and shelving. 
Does that help?

>>  I think subdividing media into graphics and multi-media is artificial. On
>>  Windows systems I put VLC, Adobe Reader, IrfanView, ITunes and so forth in a
>>  "Media" "folder" in "Programs".

> It may just me be, but when I think of media on a computer, I think of (the
> thing). The disk, the floppy, the cd, etc.

Newspapers? Books? Magazines? TV? Movie theater? Redbox? YouTube? Some move, 
some don't.

>   Media
>     Audio
>     CD/DVD Tools
>     Graphics
>     Video

> has a logical flow.


>>>  Network (I think Network is a subfolder of Settings, and the Toplevel should be
>>>  'Internet' or 'Inet')

>>  How about just "Connections"? Or, "Sharing"?

> I thought about alternatives, but unless you are using minicom or kinternet,
> just about everything you do or connect to goes across the LAN or WAN as TCP/IP.
> 'Internet' or 'Internet&  Connectivity' just works well for all the apps like
> konqueror web browsing, Firefox, Opera, Tbird, Kopete and the like.

> Connections&  Sharing makes me think of SMB, NFS, etc.. which I usually find
> under 'System/Network'

Isn't most of what's on the web freely shared stuff? To me, Internet is first 
and foremost information. Moving pictures is what my TV is for, moving 
pictures big enough to enjoy, or even figure out what's going on. "Internet" 
in an office setting sounds like a lure to get workers to play more and work 

How you reach what you're after should take a back seat to what it is you're 
after. Focus on where and what, not method. Maybe inner net needs to be 
segregated from outer net, maybe not.

To me, both connections and sharing means stuff that's not on this puter, at 
least, not as yet. ;-)
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