Thanks for creating & maintaining  Exe GNU/Linux.  That is a surprise that that it got on distrowatch without you submitting it.  I wonder who did.  Porteus Linux stopped using TDE, & replaced it with razor-qt.  So, Exe is the only distro on distrowatch that uses TDE.  Therefore, Exe really is helping quite a lot to promote TDE.

Compared to modern desktop environments, TDE isn't bloated at all.  That's not meant to be a slap in the face to KDE 4, though.  I use KDE 4 on newer hardware & TDE on older hardware, and love them both.



On Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 7:31 AM, David Hare <davidahare@...> wrote:
Exe has been around a few years now, since even before TDE officially supported Debian. It's good to see a little recognition and that there are a few out there who actually like and use it. I don't know how Distrowatch got to hear of it and don't do much to promote it anywhere beyond this mailing list.

It seems still to be the only live build with TDE on an otherwise straight Debian base.
The intention is to provide both a useful live environment in itself and a relatively simple installation method .

Exe also aims to be relatively "lightweight" and uses a good balance of packages while minimising "bloat" (a common criticism of kde3x when it was mainstream) The TDE "meta" is not used here and careful attention is given to excess "recommends" packages.

There are however limits to what one person can do. How good it is depends on others testing and bug-reporting... although so far feedback has been mostly positive, there doesn't seem a lot wrong with it. In any case it will continue at least through to Wheezy, the upcoming Debian stable release.

If Exe helps in turn give TDE some positive publicity, that's also the intention. Thanks to TDE devs who made Exe possible and those on this mailing list who helped test it.


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