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Month: August 2010

Re: [trinity-users] kdesudo - sudo

From: Jimmy Johnson <JimmyJhn@...>
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2010 21:04:30 -0700
Timothy Pearson wrote:
>> Timothy Pearson wrote:
>>>> When I right click a file and choose 'edit as root' I get the error
>>>> 'Command not found!', but 'kdesudo' is installed.
>>> Do you have kdesudo-trinity installed?
>> I should have said, kdesudo-trinity, yes it is installed.
>>> Also, you may need a version of sudo that has /opt/trinity/bin added to
>>> its internal RPATH variable; I have not added that to the Debian
>>> repositories yet (it is installed by default from the Ubuntu
>>> repository).
>> OK, I'll be looking for the fix, thanks.

> Do you still have your Lenny installation available?  If so, please try to
> install sudo-trinity in that installation and see if the problems you
> mention are resolved after installation.
> Also, Amarok should now install under Squeeze.

Yes, amarok is working in both Lenny and Squeeze, I'm in Lenny now.

Starting root applications from the menu is a mess, I've got things 
starting without asking for a password, synaptic only starts if I put 
'gksu synaptic' in the menu, 'kdesu' is not working in the run command 
or the console.

Tim, you're in the USA, aren't you, can I call you or you call me, I 
have no charge for USA calls, maybe we can discuss the problem, it seems 
you are trying to set the Debian system like a Ubuntu system?

If you want my number, use a private email that I can reply to.

Jimmy Johnson

Debian Lenny Trinity KDE 3.5.11 at sda13
Registered Linux User #380263