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Month: January 2013

RE: [trinity-users] EXE GNU/Linux distrowatch

From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2013 16:56:40 -0600
> Galeon is an example of non-mozilla browser using Gecko as a core and on
> the wikipedia page of gecko, there is a list of other browsers using it:
> There is even a gecko render module for wine that is used for windows
> programs who needs web rendering.

Interesting!  I wonder how much work it would be to create a Gecko-based
Web browser widget though.

> I know that they are talking about separating apps from the big kdelibs
> for kde5 and qt5, which is already released, and it will probably help a
> lot, but for now, does using apps like Okular or kwin involves loading the
> big kdelibs?
> -Alexandre

kwin is the only application that won't involve loading kdelibs5, and as
that support is not yet in kwin I can't officially switch to kwin instead
of twin at this time.  However, AFAIK work is underway to make an
independent version of kwin that does not rely on KDE's libraries,
therefore we should be looking at what will be needed to make the switch
once that version is available.

The dependency on kdelibs5 means most pure KDE applications and components
are essentially off limits to TDE, however as a result of the KDE4
transition many applications now only depend on Qt4, or offer a version
that does not depend on KDE.  As a result we will only need to be
concerned with Qt4 library overhead for most components, which should be