Hello everyone!
I am currently working on a Zenity script to switch between the ''Modern'' theme and the ''TDE Classic'' theme on my PcLinuxOS TDE non-official remaster. I know that many persons here prefer the classic vanilla appearance of TDE and I want to provide this option for these users.

While deleting everything in the home folder and restarting the X server works and makes TDE appearance returns to default, it is a little rude and of course, delete every files of the user. 

Another avenue I have found is to launch ''kcmshell kthememanager'' and then, the user can select the classic of modern theme, but the user still need to select it in a list. Also, it doesn't change back to the ''Trinity Classic'' menu instead the ''KickOff'' menu.

Is there a way, from the bash shell, to select a theme named ''Plastik'' in kthememanager without letting having to select it in the list in kthememanager? Also, is there a way to switch between the ''Trinity Classic'' menu and the ''KickOff'' menu from the bash shell?

Thank you!