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Month: January 2011

Re: [trinity-users] Icedove and mime-types

From: Greg Madden <gomadtroll@...>
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2011 19:14:43 -0900

On Thursday 27 January 2011 05:48:39 pm John A. Sullivan III wrote:
> On Thu, 2011-01-27 at 20:12 -0600, Timothy Pearson wrote:
> > > I'm feeling really stupid.  I have an installation of Trinity on
> > > Squeeze where the user uses Icedove for email.  For some reason, it
> > > wants to open PDF files in GIMP.  I see the same thing in other Gnome
> > > applications like Evolution.
> > >
> > > I've gone to Icedove preferences and tried to change the application
> > > type and clicking on other . . . does not produce a dialog box to
> > > select an application (like KPDF or acroread).  I installed
> > > kgtk-config-icedove but that did not help.  I even installed Nautilus
> > > and tried setting the application association there.  That at least
> > > presented KPDF as an option in Evolution but not in Icedove.  I
> > > installed gconf-editor but that does not seem to address application
> > > associations.

Trinity on Squeeze, Icedove brings up the dialog box for other applications here.
'edit>preferences>attachments>Portable Document Format '

The default is 'always ask, but the drop down list has Gimp, evince & other. The 
other bring up the selection box for navigating to the app.

it seems like something is missing or mis-configured.

FYI, Gnome Desktop might not work since Icedove is not a Gnome app, 
"The goal of Icedove is to produce a cross platform standalone mail application
 using the XUL user interface language."