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Month: May 2013

strange keyboard issue

From: dep <dep@...>
Date: Tue, 21 May 2013 08:19:21 -0400
hello, good people.

this is not a new issue, but it's a continually annoying one, so i 
thought i'd bring it up in case someone knows an easy fix.

i am here at the office running a thinkpad in a docking station, with 
external monitor, keyboard, and mouse. the keyboard is attached via a 
usb adapter and mostly works fine.

when i use a plain old bog standard keyboard, all is well but for the 
fact that every so often, unpredictably as far as i can tell, it 
stops accepting input and the keyboard lights flash for a couple 
seconds, then it works again just fine. any characters typed in 
during that period, though, are lost.

this is not a problem when i use a trusty old ibm model m keyboard. 
here, the issue is different. as long as i'm in console mode, no X or 
framebuffer or anything running, all is well. but when X starts, no 
keyboard input is accepted unless and until i unplug the keyboard and 
plug it back in. then all is well. this is consistent across several 
model m keyboards i have tried, so it's not a keyboard or cord issue. 
something happens when it goes into graphical mode that makes it 
think it doesn't have a keyboard.

i suspect that there is a configuration switch somewhere that will fix 
this, but i can't find it. anyone know?

thanks, and i hope this wasn't terribly o/t.

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