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Month: June 2013

Re: [trinity-users] coming soon

From: Slávek Banko <slavek.banko@...>
Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2013 16:47:54 +0200
On Monday 10 of June 2013 09:18:15 Timothy Pearson wrote:
> You can try using the automated conversion script here:
> Be warned that it takes a LOT of CPU time to run, and that the result
> probably won't compile the first time around.  However, it will deal
> with 99% of the tedious renaming without intervention.
> You then need to take into account the more recent TDE header file and
> class name changes.  Unfortunately, I do not have a script to
> automatically convert a project to use the new TDE class names and
> header files, so you would need to make those changes by hand or via
> your own scripts.
> How I typically handle import of a new application is I first commit
> the last known working version of the application from the original
> source (i.e. the original project website) to a new GIT repository.  I
> then apply and commit all changes needed to get it building on Qt3 with
> TDE 3.5.13.x, then finally run the autoconversion tools and commit the
> first working version for TDE R14.  This keeps the original versions
> around in the GIT history in case something broke during build fixes
> and/or R14 conversion and is not noticed until far in the future (this
> has happened many times before!)
> Tim

Because my home machine is pretty slow, I noticed a high demands of 
script. On one smaller test project ran over 24 minutes.

I've done in this script some optimizations:

1) Instead of starting sed using "find -exec sed" I used the "find | xargs 
sed". With xargs not run sed for each file, but one sed for multiple 

2) Instead of starting sed for each replacement I'm using "-e" amassed 
more replacements to the single sed.

After this optimizations on the same small test project I'm got the same 
result in 2.5 minutes. Updated script pushed to git in hash 5fc3ba9a.