Le 06/09/2013 21:38, Cameron Rapp a écrit :
Hi, I Installed Trinity using the instructions at http://www.trinitydesktop.org/wiki/bin/view/Documentation/OpenSUSEBinaryInstallation but it does not work out of the box this way.
I'm hoping someone with write privileges can add these steps to the wiki

In /etc/profile:
Change the lines pointing to /opt/kde3 to /opt/trinity so the binaries will be in the PATH

In /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager:
Change DISPLAYMANAGER to say DISPLAYMANAGER=/opt/trinity/bin/kdm

using just kdm doesn't work, even with PATH set correctly.

Also, openSUSE 11.4 repository is broken, there were some dependency issues with the trinity-desktop package. I'll look into that again later.

Thank you!


About /etc/profile : it should not be needed , the "startkde" script from trinity already adds its own path (/opt/trinity/bin).
Also, if /opt/kde3/bin exists, it means that you have some opensuse-kde3 packages installed, which is not supported yet by Trinity.
You should remove any KDE3-related package prior to running TDE.

About DISPLAYMANAGER: you should simply use:
and it should work. We need to add this information to the Wiki.

About 11.4 missing packages, I will try again to fresh-install the distribution then TDE to check which package is missing, if there is any.