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Month: October 2013

Set relative path in .directory?

From: Thierry de Coulon <tdecoulon@...>
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2013 10:58:36 +0200
I've been archiving files this week-end. I use external drives, IcyDock 
removable enclosures and several removable discs. Given the price of 
harddiscs today, I don't loose time compressing, I copy the files into 
directories, and for some (e.g. pictures) I like to set a directory icon in 

There are several USB devices connected to my computer, and depending on the 
situation the enclosure is not mounted on the same mountring point. Maybe I 
could solve that with UUIDs but it's not worth the trouble.

My point is that setting an icon in Konqueror creates a .directory textfile in 
the directory that contains two lines:

[Desktop Entry]

This path is an absolute path, such 
as /extusb/directoryname/subdirectoryname/iconname

If the mount point changes, the icon is not shown. One way to do is to 
centralize these icons, but then it won't work if I use the enclosure with 
another computer. To have my directory icons shown correctly, what I do is 
put the icon in the directory and manually edit .directory to read

[Desktop Entry]

I was wondering if others have the same "trouble" and if it would make sense 
to suggest to change these path to relative ones.

Have a nice day,