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Month: December 2013

not serious, but certainly annoying

From: dep <dep@...>
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2013 09:33:29 -0500
hi, people . . .

hope all is well with one and all.

i've meant to ask about this for a long time, and now as i wait for a 
print job to complete i have a chance. it is an annoying issue 
involving konqueror that i hope a little configuration tweak might 
fix. it has been around for multiple versions now.

it's this: let us say that i am using konqueror to look at a 
directory. i see a pdf file that might be what i'm looking for. i 
click on it and it opens in the embedded pdf viewer. nope, wrong 
file. click the up arrow to get back to the directory. only now, it 
has gone from icon view to detailed list view. i have nothing against 
detailed list view. i use it often. but it is not welcome to insert 
itself whenever it feels like it.

so, then, the question: how can i get it to remain in icon view after 
having looked at a pdf in the embedded viewer; else, how to i get it 
to forego the embedded viewer entirely in favor of some other pdf 
program, so i keep konqueror going in icon view?

hope the question is understandable.



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