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Month: December 2013

Itty-Bitty NIT

From: johnsg@...
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2013 21:19:55 -0500
Tis a nit about the website:
To wit: In the list of Official Trinity Binaries we
have Installation Instructions.  And in those we have these
really good, well written instructions, complete with the
actual command line texts (thank you for those).

The text in those gray boxes is so !@#$%^ small us old
fogeys can't read it. And no, zooming in doesn't help (enough).

It really looks elegent, but there is a certain degree
of functional challenge here.

Also, a lot of the lines seem to be close to the max length
that the particular style can display without truncation.

I recognize there are a bunch of tradeoffs here, so one possibility
might be to have the HTML code repeat the grayed text above/below
in a larger font?

And yes this really is an itty-bitty nit.

Thanks again for Trinity