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Month: December 2013

Trinity on OS12.3, unresolved dependency

From: Jagged O'Neill <jagged_4tr@...>
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2013 21:42:02 +0100
High everyone,

I have just installed Trinity from the binary repositories. I strictly
followed the instructions on

but zypper complained about a missing dependency. I'd bet a lot that
was the accessibility package, because I clearly remember that I
thought "Heck, I'm not that disabled...".

It downloaded everything, then installed everything (at least it
looked like that). But I couldn't get it to run. There was no
startkde, no starttde, no kwin, no twin, no whatever. But it
certainly installed a lot of files in /opt. To let you have a 
figure without sending the whole ls-lR:

$ du -sh /opt/*
61M     /opt/kde3
377M    /opt/trinity

That was yesterday.

Now before sending this email, I just called YaST to check back
for the dependency message, which now is obviously altered to

    trinity-desktop- requires 
      trinity-tdeaddons >=, but this requirement cannot be provided 

There is a package called trinity-kdeaddons in the repo, but its size
is just 0 bytes; the corresponding debugsource seems healthy (3.4MiB).
This is the same for trinity-tdeaccessibility (0 vs. 2.7MiB).			

Other zero-size packages (except the meta packages) are:
- trinity-gwenview-i18n-debugsource
- trinity-kaffeine-mozilla-debugsource
- trinity-kstreamripper-debugsource
- trinity-libqt3-jni-devel
- trinity-libtrinity-jni-devel
- trinity-python-trinity-debugsource
- trinity-rosegarden-debugsource
- trinity-smartcardauth-debugsource
- trinity-tdeadmin
- trinity-tdeartwork (though YaST shows it as installed, but also
                      describes it as a meta package) 
- trinity-tdebindings               (shown as installed)
- trinity-tdebindings-devel
- trinity-tdebindings-java          (shown as installed)
- trinity-tdebindings-xparts-extras
- trinity-tdegames
- trinity-tdegames-devel
- trinity-tdemultimedia
- trinity-tdepim
- trinity-tdesdk
- trinity-tdesdk-devel
- trinity-tdeutils
- trinity-tdewebdev

That's what I've found; maybe I missed a few --- operating yast over
a low bandwidth vnc is a bit clumsy.

Now YaST shows 1058 packages overall; rpm -qa reports 168 packages
(I didn't count those shown as installed in YaST), and I'm sure that
the download contained of 223 individual files.

I have no idea which of the packages didn't install due to unresolved
dependencies, or which are simply not covered by the trinity-desktop
meta package, but many things that I actually expected were not
installed, like kwin/twin, startkde/starttde, etc.

when trying to install trinity-twin, YaST shows the missing tdeaddons
dependency again, referring to trinity-desktop, not trinity-twin.

I select "break trinity-desktop- by
ignoring some of its dependencies" actually selects twin for
installation. I will see how far this will work. Most of the above
zero-sized files are not that important, but I definitely want to
have kicker.

Anyway, I think it'd be great if this would be fixed. No need to do
it today though :-)

Have a merry X-mas, best regards and thanks in advance,