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Month: February 2014

Issues with Kicker (hidding, configuration-dialog), nightly builds of R14

From: Richard Lamboj <lamboj@...>
Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2014 21:14:39 +0100
Good evening!

i have some issues with Kicker using nightly snapshots of R14, i'm not able to 
hide a panel on every screen; hidding the horizontal panel works only on the 
3rd one. I'm using the NVIDIA drivers 331.38 on Debian Wheezy (AMD64).

I created another panel, the configuration-dialog shows that the hide-button 
should be visible on the top of the panel, but there is no button.

One panel is horizontally, the other vertically aligned.

Does anyone else have related problems with Kicker?

With kind regards,