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Month: February 2014

trying to sort out krandr-trinity

From: dep <dep@...>
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2014 18:14:24 -0500
greets, good people!

there are worse problems to have, but i'd like to sort this one, if it can 
be done.

i have a main monitor, which os a 27-inch LG running at 1920x1080. it's a 
calibrated monitor and i do a lot of pictures, so its happiness is 
important to me.

on a shelf above it i have an acer 24-inch, at 1920x1200. both are attached 
to a nvidia 630 card using dvi-d cables.

using the resize and rotate application from trinity, my choices 
are 3840x1200 or just one monitor. to get from one to the other i must 
send the mouse off the right side of the master screen (the acer, but i 
think that that's because of how i have 'em coming from the card, and i 
shall reverse them.

also, my screen background is cut in two. in that it is an application, 
that makes things kind of weird.

so. is there some configuration that would allow me to have my background 
on one (or both) of the screens separately? more important, is there some 
way with krandr to use both screens at native resolution? finally, is 
there a way to set it up so that i take things off the top of the bottom 
screen to get to the top one, instead of off to the right?

i figure that it's either fairly simple or all but impossible. and that 
it's scarcely an earth-shattering issue.

but if anyone knows how to resolve this, pardon the pun, i would much 
appreciate it.

thanks in advance.

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