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Month: February 2014

Problem with tdebase-trinity on amd64 system

From: Marc Chénier <mchenier@...>
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2014 11:15:30 -0500
I lost my graphical desktop and now have only console access. This happened because I could not update the tdebase package with adept updater; there was always that one package left that could not be updated (something broken). So I thought I could fix this by removing the tdebase-trinity package from my system and then reinstalling the package fresh. So I rebooted and went into recovery mode to a root console and did that with apt-get remove, which also removed 2 other packages:

ksmserver-trinity and tdebase-runtime-data-common-trinity

Then I tried to apt-get install tdebase-trinity (and the 2 other packages) but could not do it because of an unmet dependencies problem for tdebase. About 20 packages are listed that need version pr82 and not version pr80 of tdebase. So I spent many long hours on various forums looking up info and did everything in the book: checked sources.list; did apt-get clean, autoclean, update, upgrade, dist-upgrade; tried apt-get install -f and dpkg --configure -a ; 

I also tried aptitude install which indicated it was going to install 3 packages but then did not because of unmet dependencies and gave me only one solution: keep the 3 packages at their current version [not installed].

I then thought of looking up the package on the TDE nightly builds website and noticed that superseded version 81 and published version 82 were marked with a red X (build failures) for amd64 systems. Is this relevant to my problem? Does that mean it will be fixed and I just have to wait a while? If not, is there a solution or a workaround so that I can get my faithful TDE desktop back?

Thanks ahead for any help

TDE 14 (nightly builds) on Ubuntu Precise installed from live TDE-CD on an amd64 board