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Month: February 2014

Re: [trinity-users] Problem with tdebase-trinity on amd64 system

From: Marc Chénier <mchenier@...>
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2014 14:02:43 -0500
Le mercredi 26 février 2014, Slávek Banko a écrit :
> Dne st 26. února 2014 Marc Chénier napsal(a):
> > I lost my graphical desktop and now have only console access. This
> > happened because I could not update the tdebase package with adept
> > updater; there was always that one package left that could not be
> > updated (something broken). So I thought I could fix this by removing
> > the tdebase-trinity package from my system and then reinstalling the
> > package fresh. So I rebooted and went into recovery mode to a root
> > console and did that with apt-get remove, which also removed 2 other
> > packages:
> >
> > ksmserver-trinity and tdebase-runtime-data-common-trinity
> >
> > Then I tried to apt-get install tdebase-trinity (and the 2 other
> > packages) but could not do it because of an unmet dependencies problem
> > for tdebase. About 20 packages are listed that need version pr82 and
> > not version pr80 of tdebase. So I spent many long hours on various
> > forums looking up info and did everything in the book: checked
> > sources.list; did apt-get clean, autoclean, update, upgrade,
> > dist-upgrade; tried apt-get install -f and dpkg --configure -a ;
> >
> > I also tried aptitude install which indicated it was going to install 3
> > packages but then did not because of unmet dependencies and gave me
> > only one solution: keep the 3 packages at their current version [not
> > installed].
> >
> > I then thought of looking up the package on the TDE nightly builds
> > website and noticed that superseded version 81 and published version 82
> > were marked with a red X (build failures) for amd64 systems. Is this
> > relevant to my problem? Does that mean it will be fixed and I just have
> > to wait a while? If not, is there a solution or a workaround so that I
> > can get my faithful TDE desktop back?
> >
> > Thanks ahead for any help
> >
> > Marc
> > TDE 14 (nightly builds) on Ubuntu Precise installed from live TDE-CD on
> > an amd64 board
> >
> Problem is that during building, packages common for all platforms are 
> built only with i386. If for some reason delayed building other platforms 
> repository is in an inconsistent state. As is the case now. 
> In the case of the inconsistent repository is not a good idea to try to 
> solve the broken update. It is preferable to hold the previous version 
> and wait for new packages.
> Now you have three solutions:
> 1) Manually download packages from the repository for the older version 
> and manually install them.
> 2) On my builder I can build for you tdebase and somehow deliver to you.
> 3) The package you build yourself.

Thank you for your quick response, Slávek.

Solution 3 looks too complicated for my level of Linux ability. I don't know how to build a package.

Solution 1 is something that i could do, but seems like a lot of work: individually remove 30 packages, download 30 new ones, copy to a keydisk to transfer to the faulty computer and manually install each one of them. If i do that, is there any special order to follow in the last step?

Solution 2 seems like the least complicated one *for me*. I would just have to install one package? I don't know if building a tdebase for me on your builder is a lot of work *for you* or not. If it involves only little work, I would appreciate. You could send it to my email address above. Otherwise, let me know asap and I will go for solution 1.

Thanks again,