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Month: April 2014

How many SRU's are there???

From: Z2 <z2@...>
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2014 22:14:39 -0700

I'm a bit frustrated:

gives a list of trinity packages in TDE  To use one example of a 
package listed on that page (there are many more examples), I can get 
kdelibs-trinity- from there.

Now I go to the git webpage:

and there is no such package as kdelibs-trinity or kde* anything for that 

But, there is tdelibs, with a tdelibs- tarball:

v3.5.13.2  tdelibs-    Slávek Banko  10 

So, just to state what's looking pretty obvious, your 
release page is about as useful as tits on a boar, right?

Look, tdelibs-, for all intents and purposes, has the appearance of 
belonging to trinity-blah-blah-blah release "".  But its not listed 
on the release page for the oh so boldly announced:  "2013.07.21: Trinity 
Desktop Environment SRU Released!"

Why am I wrong in assuming that packageXXX- would belong to the "TDE SRU Released!" collection of tarballs?  Isn't == ?  
Maybe not.

And even if I'm wrong about that, why isn't kdelibs-trinity even so much as 
listed on the GIT page?  Even if its obsolete, there should a dead-link or 
something there saying so...whatever, not important.

What is important is the fact that kdelibs-trinity- is vastly 
different than tdelibs-, to wit, tdelibs has additional directories 
and functionality, etc.  So two packages, each with the same version, only 
one of which is needed, and both of which fullfill the same role, are 
currently in a state where the obsolete one is listed as part of the official 
release download page, and the good one can't even be found referenced as 
part of the official release.

So is there a collection of tarballs for a particular release, such as SRU, or not?  Should I just pull all tarballs from the git page?  
And if its just something as simple as a rename of kdelibs-trinity -> 
tdelibs, why wasn't the version bumped when extra directories were added?  
Never mind, I don't care about the "why" of anything.  I just want to know 
where the hell I can download a set of "official" (whatever that means) 
packages for tde-  And the release page ain't it...And by the way, 
I'm looking for source code, not some pansy mamby-pamby prebuilt set of