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Month: April 2014

Does official SRU have hal or other hot-plugged h/w support?

From: Z2 <z2@...>
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2014 08:50:50 -0700
I'm referring to the batch of packages at
as the "official" SRU, and was wondering if things like the old KDE 
desktop-popup-on-usbstick-insert is expected to work?

I'm running hal-0.5.14, though that may not have been installed at the time I 
compiled kdelibs-trinity-  I do notice that the 
kdelibs-trinity- that's on the official SRU release page 
does _not_ have a visible "WITH_HAL" option, nor any other h/w related 
settings such as "WITH_UDISK" etc.

So is it a known "feature" that this release doesn't isn't expected to work 
with hot-pluggable h/w, or is it just me?