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Month: April 2014

Re: [trinity-users] Last Kubuntu Version That Came With KDE3?

From: Nigel Henry <fizzog.z9m23@...>
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2014 19:45:06 +0200
On Tuesday 08 April 2014 18:28, Tini wrote:
> Thanx for the news!
> Is it possible to run all modern software/hardware under Hardy 8.04?
> (IE, widescreen monitors, firefox, mkv files, etc?)
It will do widescreen monitors, but that will also be dependent on your video 
card. With my Rage 128 Pro card the Acer 19" Widescreen (1366 x 768) says 
it's doing that, but according to the xorg log it''s doing 1280 x 768, but 
that's about as good as it will get for a 1366 x 768 monitor.

Firefox is stuck at 3.6.17

Opera won't get further than 12.02 due to the version of libc6

And as Lisi says there are newer versions of apps that won't work on it due to 
needing newer library versions.

I must say that I also have Xubuntu Lucid 10.04 installed with TDE 
which works fine, and also Xubuntu Precise 12.04 with TDE

Just covering myself so it doesn't look like I'm plugging older distros. I'm 
still using Hardy on a daily basis mainly because there is a bunch of stuff 
on it that I had to build from source, linuxsampler for example so that it 
will play .sfx files. And you don't want to know how old the Fedora version 
is that I'm emailing from.