Le 08/04/2014 16:52, Lisi Reisz a écrit :
On Tuesday 08 April 2014 15:43:29 Alexandre wrote:
I have a client whose sound has suddenly died, after running well
since the system was installed.  (Six months??  A bit more?)  The
obvious explanations are user error (clicked something without
realising) or dead hardware.

She is running Debian Wheezy with TDE on an oldish Dell
laptop.  Since I haven't got the laptop here, I haven't got its
specs.  I cannot have the laptop to work on for the moment, since
she is using it a lot for now.

All suggestions or explanations welcomed,
Hi Lisi,

At first, I think that checking that all of the on/off check boxes
in Kmix is a good option. Then, some laptops has a function keys,
on the same keys as F1, F..., where you can press FN+ (the mute
button) to turn on or off the sound. On some lappies, these keys
are driven by the software (in linux), or on older lappies, it is
directly controlled by the hardware, which is more multi-platform
friendly. Also, does the laptop has a hardware volume control,
probably on the side of it?

Then, if none of these works, I'd test the computer with a livecd,
which is know to support the sound chip of this computer and play a
sound file.

Running ''alsaconf'' form Konsole, as a root user, is also good for
reconfiguring the sound card, but I am not sure if this program is
still included on linux distros of these years.

Good luck!
Thanks, Alexandre.  Your help is much appreciated.


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