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Month: April 2014

Synaptic Won't Install From CD

From: Tini <trin@...>
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2014 20:41:35 -0300
I just did a demo installation of Synaptic from Kub. Live CD and got 
these error messages after entering "sudo apt-get install synaptic" 


Get:1 precise/main sgml-data all 2.0.6 [271 kB ] 

Get:2 precise/main docbook-xml all 4.5-7ubuntu 1 [336 kB] 

Get:3 precise/main python-gnupginterface all 0 .3.2-9.1ubuntu3 [19.2 kB] 

Get:4 precise/main libvte-common all 1:0.28.2- 3ubuntu2 [22.8 kB] 

Get:5 precise/main libvte9 i386 1:0.28.2-3ubun tu2 [372 kB] 

Get:6 precise/main python-pkg-resources all 0. 6.24-1ubuntu1 [63.1 kB] 

Get:7 precise-updates/main unattended-upgrades all 0.76ubuntu1 [24.7 kB] 

Get:8 precise/main python-pycurl i386 7.19.0-4 ubuntu3 [48.5 kB] 

Get:9 precise/main librarian0 i386 0.8.1-5 [59 .2 kB] 

Get:10 precise/main rarian-compat i386 0.8.1-5 [104 kB] 

Get:11 precise/main python-defer all 1.0.2+bzr 481-1 [10.9 kB] 

Get:12 precise-updates/main python-aptdaemon a ll 0.43+bzr805-0ubuntu9 [82.2 kB] 

Get:13 precise-updates/main aptdaemon-data all 0.43+bzr805-0ubuntu9 [163 kB] 

Get:14 precise-updates/main python-aptdaemon.g tk3widgets all 0.43+bzr805-0ubuntu9 [15.0 kB] 

Get:15 precise/universe synaptic i386 0.75.9ub untu1 [2,405 kB] 

Get:16 precise-updates/main aptdaemon all 0.43 +bzr805-0ubuntu9 [16.0 kB] 

Err precise-updates/main python-software-prope rties all 404 Not Found [IP: 80] 

Err precise-updates/main software-properties-c ommon all 404 Not Found [IP: 80] 

Err precise-updates/main software-properties-g tk all 404 Not Found [IP: 80] 

Fetched 4,012 kB in 7s (558 kB/s) Failed to fetch /python-software-properties_0.82.7.3_all.deb 404 Not Found [IP: 80] 

Failed to fetch /software-properties-common_0.82.7.3_all.deb 404 Not Found [IP: 80] 

Failed to fetch /software-properties-gtk_0.82.7.3_all.deb 404 Not Found [IP: 80] 

E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?