On 04/17/2014 10:15 PM, Alexandre wrote:
John wrote:
I have had the same thing happen on two different machines. I installed it and everything was working OK but then I did an upgrade and on reboot both machines hang after logging into Trinity.
John, I have exactly the same problem on my Compaq laptop with the NEW pclinuxos2014.
However, the problem dissapeared after I did an upgrage, using keys ( instead of mouse ) to get to synaptic.
After the upgrade, the problem stayed away. Muse works perfectly now.
The background shows up and that is it. Mouse moves but I can't do anything including shut down have to hard power off the box. Both machines are laptops with Intel chips
My compaq is also intel only
and video cards if that makes any difference. The other thing is on both machines I have downloaded a different kernel as I have 4gb of ram in one laptop and 8gb in the other and PCLinux only sees two with the kernel on the CD. I know Alexandre said he was working on a new version but I was wondering if anyone else had seen this?
I have 8 Gb RAM, and pclos sees all

Hope this helps somewhere somehow

I'm sorry for the shortcomings you may experience with it.
This means that Trinity package for PCLinuxOS aren't 100% compatible with the newer packages used on PCLinuxOS. As of now, you can use the system as is after the install, but without upgrading it.

I'll work at making the new version of it available very soon. It will have newer kernel (better hardware support) and the TDE packages are built against the new libraries used in the present version of PCLinuxOS. Coming soon!

There is currently no plans to make a 64 bit version of my remaster, since 64 bit machines has enough power to handle more than TDE, but there is always the possibility to change the Kernel to one that supports more RAM on 32 bit machines.
I see no <<real difference >>in performance on 32bit hardware and 64bit hardware with the same amount of RAM
The difference only is visible when increasing RAM

I am very happy with pclos-tde so far .