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Month: April 2014

Re: [trinity-users] RE: PCLinuxOS version question

From: Baron <baron@...>
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2014 19:33:36 +0000
Hi Alexandre,

On Friday 18 April 2014 11:30:25 Alexandre wrote:
> The remaster is currently near release. All I need to do is to skim
> it out a little bit, since the ISO is now 2gb. But, what is to
> understand is that it includes tons of software, this is why it is so
> large.
> I'll look at google-earth issues, but I'm not sure if it will be part
> of the new ISO, because it is already big. On the new stuff, there is
> Wine (Win compatibility layer), XBMC (A Media Center) and all the
> system is updated, so no more printer issues.
> -Alexandre

One thing that I would ask you to check is my machine will no longer 
talk to the time servers.  It gives me an error message "Unable to 
contact time server:".  It doesn't matter if I 
choose another one, I still get the same message.

Best Regards: