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Month: April 2014

Re: [trinity-users] R: [trinity-users] Possible new distribution and mirror for Trinity Desktop Environment.

From: David Hare <davidahare@...>
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2014 02:02:39 +0100
Re TDE-specific scripts for debian-live:

You will see more clearly if you inspect a recent ExeGNU image. (I am 
working on R14 now)

The package list is available separately at the same address. It uses 
selected TDE packages rather than the full tde-desktop. The image is 
<700MB but still very functional.

Essential custom (deb) packages, available at :

exegnu-snapshot (includes installer)

The installer dialogs are translation-ready but only done in English and 
Spanish so far.

Other custom debs are in that repo e.g. gtk-youtube-viewer (for wheezy 
and jessie/sid)

Much (Debian-) live-image-related info/discussion at

BTW TDE works fine at the moment in Sid but may not always.

Here is another way to do remasters:

Disclaimer: Use at your own risk..

IMO refractasnapshot is good, safe and maintained. Remastersys has had 
it's day.

Refracta-installer is more advanced than exegnu- but dialogs are not yet 

There is also a more advanced live-usb installer (refracta2usb, forked 
from exegnu2usb and snapshot2usb) which can set up multiboot, 
persistence and other things unetbootin cannot.

Both installers can use zenity but zenity is (IMO) crippled gtk3 bloat; 
yad is needed for full functionality.