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Month: May 2014

Re: [trinity-users] Starting yakuake with specified colours on log in by a user

From: Ken Heard <kenslists@...>
Date: Mon, 12 May 2014 15:49:52 -0400
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On 2014-05-12 13:19, Jan Stolarek wrote:

>> This part of your message I do not understand.  What is the 
>> "context menu in Yakuake"?

> It the menu you get by right-clicking in Yakuake terminal.

I was not aware of this possibility.  I think I was really expecting a
tool bar such as appears in Konsole.  Since yakuake does not have one I
I did not believe that yakuake had a context menu.  Thanks for telling
me about it.

> It allows you to set fonts, colours, etc. Once you've done that
> you need to select "Save as default" from the menu. An alternative
> is to select "Use Konsole settings" to have Yakuake always mimic 
> Konsole settings (as the option name implies).

Indeed.  I was able to select my desired colour scheme.

>> I tried the following script, called "yakuake-start", in 
>> directory ~/.trinity/Autostart:
>> #!/bin/bash yakuake --bg black -- fg green cd ~
>> and unchecked the "restore previous session" option described 
>> above. On log in yakuake started but the colour options were 
>> ignored.
> I actually know nothing about these command-line color options - 
> can't help here.
>> Furthermore, the cd command was also ignored; yakuake opened in 
>> the directory ~/.trinity/Autostart, not in my home directory.
> Yes, that's exactly what you told it to do :-) That `cd ~` is not
> a command executed in yakuake but in the shell process that is 
> running the script. If you want a newly opened shell to start in a 
> particular directory you can do this by editing your ~/.bashrc. I 
> don't know how to execute a script on yakuake start, but I suppose 
> that's doable. Try googling this.

I changed the yabuake-start script to read as follows:

	cd ~

With the colour selection determined as described above and with this
script, yakuake now opens the way I want it, in the home directory and
with my colours.

Regards, Ken

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