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Month: June 2014

Re: [trinity-users] OS13.1: nothing provides trinity-tdenetwork-*, jasper, maybe others?

From: Jagged O'Neill <jagged_4tr@...>
Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2014 12:39:40 +0200
On Sun, Jun 01, 2014 at 10:23:48AM +0200, Fran├žois Andriot wrote:
> Are you sure you haven't disabled the main opensuse repository by
> incident in Yast ?

Yes, I'm quite sure, no such accident happened...
Because I deactivated it deliberately :-D (I'm under limited bandwidth
currently, and since I installed OS from the DVD Image anyway, I wanted
to stay with this until the machine is set up far enough to update all
packages in one go.

And I didn't reckon with such fundamental packages (it's a jpeg lib, as
I just read) to not be on the DVD.

Anyway, I reactivated the online repos and tried again. And yes, this
time it could find jasper, but instead it complained:

- trinity-desktop can't be installed because nothing provides

trying to install this manually beforehand, complains about:

- nothing provides needed by trinity-ksayit-*

Learning from former errors, I now just enabled _all_ online repos that
the installer originally established, even those that it didn't activate
on its own. Still, when looking up libmad, the only matching packages
are trinity-akode-libmad and its debuginfo.

(If I remember correctly from some months ago,) trinity-desktop is a
meta package, right? I could just manually select tde, twin, tdm and
kicker and hope it won't break by dependencies? Quick-try...

Now I am a bit surprised... starting with just "kicker" (thinking it
will drag in twin and other stuff...) it actually dragged in things
of which I really didn't imagine they exist at all, e.g.:

   - kdebase3-runtime (from openSUSE-13.1-OSS)
   - kde3libs         (from the same repo)

So there's still "support" for KDE 3.5.10 in OS?

Anyway, I'm afraid, from my VM experiences some time back, that it
would raise problems with the TDE installation, if I'm going to install
any original KDE component.

Sooo... I hope you see this through (I don't) and can help...
Thanks again

Best regards,

valgrind python -c 'for i in range(1,1): print(i)' 2>&1 | grep error