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Month: June 2014

updating debian - eight packages to be removed?

From: ant <aw30@...>
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2014 19:38:10 +1200
I tested what would happen if I did an upgrade (admittedly using synaptic, 
since I knew I could cancel it).

I got this message (amongst others):
kdebase-kio-plugins-trinity will be removed
kdebase-runtime-data-common-trinity will be removed
kdebase-trinity will be removed
kdesktop-trinity will be removed
kmail-trinity will be removed
konqueror-nsplugins-trinity will be removed
konqueror-trinity will be removed
ksmserver-trinity will be removed

Am I right in thinking that - for example - kmail would go? 
Any obvious reason why?
Or am I missing something obvious?

Here is the sources.list I would use (which has produced a working system, so 

deb-src jessie main non-free contrib
deb jessie main non-free contrib
wheezy main
wheezy main
wheezy main
wheezy main
deb jessie/updates main contrib non-free



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