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Month: July 2014

Re: [trinity-users] Exe GNU/Linux: R14 versions: 486 and 686

From: David Hare <davidahare@...>
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2014 01:50:07 +0100
> On 07/13/2014 08:05 PM, Michael . wrote:
>> I don't particularly like WICD anyway and much prefer Network Manager. I
>> do not know if Network Manager KDE witll work with Trinity though.
> Isn't this on R14?  Why is wicd being used instead of network-manager-tde?

Assuming that means why does ExeGNU "live" use wicd, reasons are wicd is 
DE-independent (ExeGNU also has a minimal XFCE), requires relatively few 
dependencies and actually works. Any required reconfiguration to suit an 
interface other than wlan0 should be quite minor. In an installation, 
you use what you choose.

RE firmware: ExeGNU is intended to support the Debian Free Software 
Guidelines (DFSG) .. If you need 
non-free firmware you must add it yourself, as documented by

Some other distros may have a less strict attitude towards closed-source 
(or even have corporate partnerships) and include such firmware.

Sorry for any inconveniece!