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Month: September 2014

Re: [trinity-users] Minimal install of TDE

From: Dave <daveaube51@...>
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2014 09:11:53 -0400
On 09/19/2014 01:33 AM, Michael . wrote:
> I'm about to start on making a live version of a minimal install of 
> TDE for Cobber (Australasian Debian). I am wondering what are the 
> absolute minimum packages required for a working TDE without 
> applications. The intent behind the minimal install is to allow end 
> users who want to choose the applications in their install to install 
> only what they need and want. I will provide synaptic (or a TDE 
> equivalent) for those who want a gui for package selection but there 
> will be no office suite, games, graphics tools, music or video tools. 
> In other words all I want is the visible desktop, menu etc so that the 
> user can navigate enough to install more applications through their 
> internet connection using either synaptic or a terminal.
> Cheers.
> Michael.
While your at it how about the minimum requirements to install into 
"Linux From Scratch", such as the posting of the environment variables, 
(set), and a current source code for just what your requesting.  I've 
noticed that all TDE wants to be installed into main-stream linux 
distro's and they are all mostly bloat-ware.