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Month: October 2014

Konqueror - are these bugs?

From: "iadest@..." <iadest@...>
Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2014 00:41:21 +0200
I've found 3 things in Konqueror, they may be bugs or maybe they are
just Konqueror's specific ways of interaction and I am using MS
Explorer too much :). So I don't know should I file bugs for them:

Issue 1: Which files are selected?
I am using Detailed List View in Konqueror. When I use mouse to select
few files dragging a rectangle, sometimes one or more files below the
rectangle are selected too.

Issue 2: Inconsistent file renaming methods
Renaming "in place" in Konqueror is a very useful function if small
keyboard is used. It is easier to click on the name again, type new
name and hit Return (or Esc if I made a mistake).
But clicking on the name doesn't always work. This behaviour is
inconsistent in different view modes - it works in icon view modes, it
doesn't work in list view modes.

Issue 3: New folder and then...
When I create a new folder, enter its name and hit Return two times, I
think I should enter this new folder, not the first folder in the list.
But maybe it's Konqueror's default way?.