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Month: October 2014

Re: [trinity-users] Konqueror - are these bugs?

From: Andy <Andy4stuff@...>
Date: Sat, 4 Oct 2014 19:33:18 -0400
On Saturday 04 October 2014 06:41:21 pm iadest@... wrote:
> Hello
> I've found 3 things in Konqueror, they may be bugs or maybe they are
> just Konqueror's specific ways of interaction and I am using MS
> Explorer too much :). So I don't know should I file bugs for them:
> Issue 1: Which files are selected?
> I am using Detailed List View in Konqueror. When I use mouse to select
> few files dragging a rectangle, sometimes one or more files below the
> rectangle are selected too.
> Issue 2: Inconsistent file renaming methods
> Renaming "in place" in Konqueror is a very useful function if small
> keyboard is used. It is easier to click on the name again, type new
> name and hit Return (or Esc if I made a mistake).
> But clicking on the name doesn't always work. This behaviour is
> inconsistent in different view modes - it works in icon view modes, it
> doesn't work in list view modes.
> Issue 3: New folder and then...
> When I create a new folder, enter its name and hit Return two times, I
> think I should enter this new folder, not the first folder in the list.
> But maybe it's Konqueror's default way?.
> Marek

I don't know about #2, but I believe that #1 & #3 are not bugs.

First, #1 works just fine here, no extra files if I don't select them

I think that #3 is just the way Konqueror works. After creating a new folder, 
Konqueror does not select it automatically. It is easy to see which folder or 
file is selected by the faint dotted outline. Hitting return enters that 
folder or opens that file, NOT the newly created directory.