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Month: October 2014

Re: [trinity-users] New TDE site released

From: Gerhard Zintel <gerhard.zintel@...>
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2014 23:29:50 +0200
On Thursday 16 October 2014, Michael . wrote:
> That's a common misconception that sites designed to suit big screens make
> you scroll around if you're on a smaller screen.
> 2 facts need to be understood.
> 1. It is the amount of content on a page that makes users scroll around.
> 2. Using percentages makes the page adjust itself on difference resolutions
> and screen sizes.
> If you use a fixed width and someone on a small screen has to scroll around
> because there is so much content then so does someone with a larger screen.
> You saw my screenshot The exact same content, not the same look  is on my
> laptop. I have to scroll on both screens but it would be nice if I didn't
> have to on my desktop because of design features.
> If you use % then the page adapts itself to suit the screen.
> If you don't want to scroll around the only solution is less information on
> each page.
I might have misunderstood parts, I'm no native speaker. Only for clarification. There is no problem scrolling up and down - the mouse wheel works well for that. Problem is if have to scroll left and right. This should not happen.