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Month: October 2014

restoring keyboard settings after flipping kvm switch

From: David Emerson <demerson3x@...>
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2014 19:08:43 -0700
Hi all,

I have made changes in kcontrol > peripherals > keyboard (repeat 

This works great when I boot up the computer.

However, if I use a KVM switch to go to another computer and come back, 
the keyboard repeat delay and rate are messed up (probably default 
settings, not my settings.)

What can I do about this, so that my keyboard repeat settings will be 
automatically applied when a (new) keyboard is plugged in / replugged?

I can see that it is possible to set something up through udev, but I 
don't know how to script TDE changes that appear to require the GUI. How 
to script this? Or perhaps udev is not the right approach?