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Month: October 2014

Re: [trinity-users] TDE website update and R14 status

From: Neo Futur <neofutur@...>
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2014 15:58:33 -0400

I just donated 0.1 bitcoin, and wanted to say i wouldnt have donated
if you were not accepting bitcoin donations;) good move !

On Tue, Oct 28, 2014 at 11:22 AM, Timothy Pearson
<kb9vqf@...> wrote:
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> All,
> The new TDE website has been updated to incorporate feedback received from
> both users and developers; it is hoped that this design strikes a proper
> balance between aesthetics and functionality.  Many thanks to the TDE Web
> team, especially E. Liddell, for their work on the new site!
> R14 Release Candidate 1 is currently being built.  This process should be
> complete somewhere around Nov. 10 2014 barring unforeseen difficulties.
> RC1 will take the form of a package set for Debian/Ubuntu along with an
> Ubuntu LiveCD that can be used for testing.
> The TDE project needs your financial support!  If you can, please donate
> towards our operating costs at .
>  In particular, due to the large size of the R14 binary package set we
> needed to increase the available Internet bandwidth temporarily until R14
> is released; this change increased TDE's operating costs substantially and
> has put severe strain on the project's finances.
> Thank you for your support!
> Timothy Pearson
> Trinity Desktop Project
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