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Month: September 2010

Re: [trinity-users] Amarok2 system tray icon missing

From: Nicolas BERCHER <nbercher@...>
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2010 12:17:55 +0200
Le 16/09/2010 20:02, Timothy Pearson a �crit :
>> Hi Trinity users!
>> I've recently switched from KDE 3.5.10 (Debian Lenny) to KDE 4.4.5
>> (Debian Squeeze) and was really disappointed by KDE 4 slowlyness
>> (qt4/nvidia driver issue...?).
>> This morning I decided to give a try to Trinity 3.5.12 and I feel...
>> better!
>> Things are almost perfect, fast, etc. just like it was in KDE 3.5.10,
>> even KDE 4 applications appears to run fine (and so, much faster than
>> under KDE 4 itself)
>> However, I wonder if Amarok2 system tray icon is compatible with the
>> KDE3/Trinity system?
>> I've tried various KDE 4 apps that uses system tray icons, and they were
>> ok with that (klipper 4.4.5 for example).
>> Have you got an answer...?
>> Thanks!
>> Nicolas.
> It should be.  I would be surprised if Trinity was doing something
> incorrectly in this area, as it complies with the relevant Free Desktop
> specifications for system tray icons.  Maybe Amarok2 does not provide a
> true system tray icon per the Free Desktop specs?
> Has anyone else on this list tried Amarok2?
> Thanks!
> Tim
Hi Tim,

I did some tests a few minutes ago.

I launched Amarok2 (2.3.0) over an "ssh -X dist-pc" connection to 
another computer on my local network (note that ~/ hasn't the same 
content compared to localhost's one).
The distant Amarok2 instance showed a system tray icon, not the good one 
(it contains a question mark, see attachment: the icon on the right), 
but it responded ok to both right & left clicks, etc.

I'm curious: I did the same over an "ssh -X localhost" (my amarok2 is 
2.3.1), the problem is still the same: no icon.

I'm curious again: tested Amarok2 for another user (say "user2") over 
"ssh -X user2@localhost": BINGO! The 
"amarok2-systray-question-mark-icon" appeared!
So my computer, at least, can display a functional systray icon for Amarok2!

I'm more curious: logged into X using user2 account (deleted 
/home/user2/.[^.]* before each X login in order to run from scratch)
  - systray icon present under gnome
  - systray icon NOT present under Trinity

All of these tests show to me that systray icon:
  - doesn't work for my usual account at all under Trinity nor through 
"ssh -X",
  - works for new accounts under Trinity only through "ssh -X",

I get more confused now as I initially thought that my ~/.trinity was 

Thanks for reading all of this!

PS: Of course this isn't a big issue, but I used to play a lot with 
Amarok systray icon.